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Whether it's the friendly, energetic sound of the girl-next-door, a pensive, introspective read, or anything in between – Jess can easily give you the perfect voice for your project that is anything but blah. Jess is known and hired for her enormous vocal range, professionalism and great sense of timing, comedy, and ad-libbing.

Jessica's voice has been featured in hundreds of TV and radio commercials, video games, feature films, websites, animated projects, telephone greetings, cartoons, audiobooks, GPS systems, corporate videos - - you name it. Some of her happy clients include: Adidas, American Greetings, Axe, Barnes & Noble, Comcast, Disney, Google, Guess, Hilton, Kroger, Levi's, Maybelling, McDonald's, Microsoft, MTV, Old Navy, Pizza Hut, Pokemon, Post, Ralph Lauren, Samsung, Smuckers, St. Louis Children's Hospital, Super Pretzle, Vera Bradley, and more...


Out of the park, Jessica! Thanks for all of the creative options!
Scott Hardwood, InsertMotion

Jessica – having listened to A LOT of voice talents, I'm sure psyched that Jessica you have time-- your stuff is AWESOME!
Abigael Hirsch, PO2

Hi Jess, Just to let you know, the UCanSave TV campaign you voiced for me won first place in a regional utility communication awards competition. I'm sure it was the voiceover that put us over the top. I love your voice, and so does everyone here in the shop.
David Murrow, Murrow Media

Jessica, These voices are awesome! Very well done and perfect for animation - lots of fun little sounds to work with!
Ryan Simmons, Cartoon Solutions

Jess, Well.... I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed. I can't ask you to do any re-takes/pickups. ;) There are NO re-takes. EVERYTHING is PERFECT!! Just.... WOW. I must say that you really make me look very smart - since I know for a fact that I made the right choice for these parts. I apologize if I've been gushing too much Again Jess... Thank You!
Dave Williams, Digital Sorcery Warehouse

Just wanted to let you know that Disney was very pleased with the audio work you did for the RVS course. No rerecords are needed.
C. B., FiveStar Development

Jessica is very talented and delivered her work in a timely fashion. It was impeccably done and required no additional rounds of recording. Needless to say, I will be using Jessica for all of our voice talent needs.
Jarrett Cohen, Computer Pals

Why can't all actors be like you? Thanks for being down with my project.
Darian Sewell, Darian Entertainment

You ruled the school today, lady. THANK YOU!
S.M., Blissium TV

Jessica is wonderful! Quick turn around, professional, and just the right amount of happy and professional for our phone greetings! Jessica has become "The Voice of Mebb Professional Sign Language" and we couldn't be happier! -- Thanks Jessica!
Christopher Breen, Mebb Professional Sign Language

You nailed it, Jess. Like THREE times! How the hell can I choose between them!!!You’re the best, Jess. A BIG Thank you very much to you!!!!
JR Diandrea, DiAndrea Media

Great! I knew you’d “wow” them. I get a zillion email requests to listen to demo reels. Yours was one of the very, very few that made my ears prick up.
Laurie Wolfe, Laurie Wolfe Productions

I got the takes and they're great. Thanks a lot! Your voice challenges those of heavenly angels :-)
J.L. Caremed

BTW, the other spot you did for me earlier today with Jessica – she’s really, really good. Very impressed. : )
Jay, Comcast

Extremely easy to work with - Jessica gave us exactly what we needed right out of the gate.
Jeremy Gavin, Screenfeed

Jessica - they loved it!
Brad Chmielewski, Loosekeys

Jessica Perfect! You’re a saint & a scholar, thank you.
D. C. Bluebarn

Thanks for being so cool to work with.
Stephen Black, Talent Group

Jessica is a talented and experienced voice artist, offering the unique combination of a conversational style with an intelligent edge to her voice performance. Jessica’s reading comprehension makes her performance both expert and innovative. Easy to direct, reliable and versatile...she is at the top of her game.
Jim Kennelly, Lotas Productions

I’m delighted to let you know that our client returned their feedback to us in record time, and that they were really happy with your work - they haven’t requested any rerecords at all from you! Thank you again for all your excellent work & flexibility throughout this process.
Aly Bosetti, Noggin Labs

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